Montanhas, águas cristalinas e campos verdes – Dober dan Slovenija!

We pass the border and enter into the greenest European country we’ve ever seen!
Trees and meadows and fields and grass and forests and bushes and trees!
Mountains, grey and powerful.

And a picnic 🙂





And then there’s one thing you should definitely go and see with your own eyes:
The Soča River.



Beautiful crystal clear turquoise coloured water rushing down from the frozen mountains. The water is so cold it hurts when you put your feet in it. However, it’s just the most beautiful river ever!



We stay at Kamp Korita which is just next to the river. Jorge has a nice place under a pine tree where we can listen to the rushing noise of the water at night.


On the second day late in the afternoon, rain starts to fall. A lot of rain. The river swells and swells. The waters soak our tent, our chairs, our table, just about everything which is not in the car. So we pack ourselves in warm clothes, snuggle under our sleeping bags, take our books and stay in our mobile home for about 24 hours, when suddenly the sky breaks open and lets the sun do his work again.


The first day after the rain, Soča has lost its turquoise colour to a more greyish white. So we decide to go for a hike in the valley instead of walking down the river.



Oh my. This country has so many treasures to share!



After four days in the gorgeous valley region, we head down South to visit the UNESCO world heritage caves of Škocjan. There are two possible ways to visit the caves.
We decide to escape the masses and go for the self-guided option which is, although it’s shorter, not less impressive.


slo_P1010599 slo_P1010602

We leave this country just as we entered it: with jaws dropped open in amazement.
Hvala Slovenija! <3