Escapando dos turistas na Croácia

Zdravo, Hrvatska!
We arrive in Istria, the peninsula in the far west of Croatia, and are totally overwhelmed by the beauty of the masses of tourists (apparently, about 10 Millions every year)! It seems like there is not one single spot where they are not. Everything is written in Italian or German, expecting the masses to spend there money on food, accommodation or souvenirs.

When we enter a shop, we immediately realise why everyone is spending their holidays in this country: it’s ridiculously cheap compared to its neighbours in the West. We fill our shopping basket with food and all the other stuff we need for a week and pay about 40 Euros!

However, the money you save by shopping food, you’ll spend on accommodation during high season. Most of the camping sites we check out cost about 30 Euros per night!

So we decide to use our freedom of having a car and look out for hidden field paths before sunset, where we can camp for free.

Luckily, we find some really nice ones, where we can sleep and eat…

… and eat …
… and eat …


… and climb trees …


… surrounded only by chirping and cracking noises of cicadas and pine trees. 🙂 <3

Although we love to camp this way, it’s very tiring to hide from the masses all the time. We therefore decide to leave the country as fast as possible, driving all along the beautiful coast line…

hr_P1010632 hr_P1010636 hr_P1010634
…until we reach another UNESCO world heritage, the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

As the weather changes to grey and rainy, we stay at a really nice camping near the National Park, where we wait for about 5 days for the sky to open up again. When it eventually does, we get up early in the morning, pack our stuff and head to the entrance of the Park.

At 8 in the morning the queue in front of the entrance is about 100 metres long, so, not that bad actually… We wait for 30 minutes, trying to figure out how much money they earn every day by demanding an entry fee of 25 Euros per person.

To make the most out of this expensive day, we opt for the longest hike around the whole park, which takes about 6 hours.

In the end, all the time and money spent is totally worth seeing the beauty of this place.

hr_P1010642 hr_DSCN0348 hr_P1010646 hr_P1010663 hr_DSCN0384 hr_DSCN0399 hr_P1010662 hr_P1010659 hr_DSCN0367 hr_DSCN0404 hr_DSCN0395 hr_P1010665

For now, this will be the last thing we see in Croatia. Next stop: Bosnia and Herzegovina.