Vacas, ovelhas, cabras, uma montanha preta e dois mil metros acima do mar

Before we arrive in the sixth country of our journey, we head back south to enter once again the last bit of Croatia, the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Our campsite is located in Orašac, about 12 kilometres east of Dubrovnik. So, we leave Jorge at the campeggio and take the local bus to spend the day sightseeing the Old Town.


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As impressive as it is to walk around this grandiose city, it almost seems too set up for the tourists, being one of their most visited Mediterranean destinations. Walking around the city on its walls with dozens of others, peaking into the apartment windows of the locals, feels kind of awkward, nearly like walking through a zoo.

We soon have seen enough of this busy place and decide to enjoy the rest of the day in the hammock at the campsite, before we head up north again the next day.


Ready for country number 6? Hello, Crna Gora!

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We drive straight up to the National Park of Durmitor in the Northwest of Montenegro, where we find a nice, small and cheap (8.- Euros a day!) campsite near the town of Žabljak, which is the highest situated village in the Balkans, being at about 1400 metres above sea level.

Although, the whole surroundings look pretty similar to some regions in Switzerland, the Durmitor massif is still very unique and special:

There are cows living in the forests, for example.
Or autonomous herds of sheep crossing the streets without shepherd.

The campsite is located at a perfect spot on the edge of Durmitor’s National Park. So, we spend our days hiking through the park, enjoying fresh air, uncrowded places and the beauty of nature.

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(Yes, this mountain is real! Looks like a painting, doesn’t it?)
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With sore legs and aching shoulders, we’re finally off to some relaxing ‚holidays‘ at the beaches of Albania.